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    Originally posted by RSchmitz View Post
    QFT, sad but true. However, don't you think that puts even more emphasis on moving to Tampa? They are in such an extreme disadvantage compared to all of these other teams, anything they can do to increase ticket sales they should try and do it, what else can they do? And in the business model, isn't the number one criteria for selling your product behind quality, accessibility? By moving to Tampa they will be making themselves accessible to a much larger population, and demographically a much larger population of Floridians/Rays fans and not Yankee snow birds.
    I see your point that they need every advantage they can get, but to me it's not going to give them enough of a jump to justify the cost. I'd be shocked if they drew significantly more in a new stadium with a worse team (which may be the case in a few years), regardless of location.

    All I have to say is don't read the baseball board over on HF, they have the Rays moving to Montreal and/or Vancouver, it's kinda vicious.


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      IMO, this is about Tampa Bay, as a region, having the lowest wages of any major city during the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression. It's hard for anyone to get excited about anything under those circumstances, especially shlepping to a bad neighborhood in St. Petersburg to drop a wad of cash in a ballpark that isn't really a great experience.

      I do believe that if, in 5-10 years, they built that waterfront park in Tampa when the economy recovers that people will flock to it. It looks beautiful in the renderings, and I'm sure would be a great experience.
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        Our friend JohnF wrote a thoughtful blog post on this (and Ellis' issues).