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George Steinbrenner Passing

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  • George Steinbrenner Passing

    He was taken to the hospital this morning where he passed away. A few years ago I was working in the same office building as his ship building offices. I met him on the elevator a few times and he seemed to be a nice guy. I have a lot of respect for what he did in the community and through his philanthropy. God speed to you Geroge.
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    I had no idea that he had been so much out of the public eye for several years now until I read it this morning. Hate the Yankees but he contributed to a lot of charities in the Tampa area, from what I understand he kept most of that very quiet. RIP


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      I would like to say to people: Hate him all you want for the Yankees but I know someone who worked for the Yankees organization for 35 years and the stories he would tell us about the charitable things that George did both in the NYC metro area and in Tampa Bay would make everyone think alot differently about him. And he never wanted the publicity for those things, some were done anonymously and him and the family would turn away reporters when they approached him about them.

      RIP George, you left a great legacy and will be missed.


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        He definitely made a big difference in the area. I can't blame the guy for doing what we want all our sports team owners to do, so no sense dragging the Yankees into it.

        Picked a good year to die. No estate tax.

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          Without him, there would be a lot less baseball in the bay area.

          RIP Mr. Steinbrenner, thank you.


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            In one hand, it did kind of suck that he decided to make Tampa his home. Yankees this, Yankees that; I remember a few years ago I didn't like how Tampa police cars had a Yankees logo on them. But sports rivalries aside, his charitable efforts showed he was a special person; some of the stories you read about are quite touching.
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              The police cars had the Yankees logo because George donated the vehicles. I think it was the city's way of saying thank you to George.
              To play the game is good,to win is better, but to love the game is best of all. Anonymous