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Tampa Resident John Isner Makes Wimbledon History

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  • Tampa Resident John Isner Makes Wimbledon History

    Congrats to John Isner of Tampa who today won his match against Nicolas Mahut with after a 3 day match. Isner won the final set 70-68 which lasted over 8 hours!

    The five sets were 6-4, 3-6, 7-6, 6-7 and 70-68 which took 3 days to play.
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    If a normal set is no more than 7 games, that one set alone is roughly equivalent to a hockey game going to 27 overtime periods. And these guys are on the court the whole time, no subs, no resting on the bench after 45 second shifts. It positively staggers the imagination, something we can confidently tell our great-grandkids that their own great-grandkids will never see...kind of like if the US were to win the World Cup


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      Poor guy. All that work and he got swept in straight sets the next round.


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        I guess they did have a bathroom break or two. Also, Isner had neck problems which contributed to his recent lost match. Congrats to him either way.


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          Coupla things (cause I'm a tennis fanatic) ...

          The match lasted 11 hours and five minutes. I can't even sleep for that long! But the longest continuous time they played was for 7 hours and 8 minutes on the second day

          Also, John Isner is only technically a Tampa resident because he trains here (like a lot of pros), but he was born in North Carolina and played for University of Georgia. I guess I get technical with people about tennis players who live in Tampa because I don't think we should think of them the same as someone who was actually born and/or raised here.
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            Most even match in the history of pro sports?
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