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  • Unalign Baseball?

    Jeff Passan column

    Intersting. Says all teams should play each other equally within the leagues, and there should be no divisions. Just an NBA/NHL model of top (4) teams in the leagues/conferences make the post-season.

    No more 19 games vs. Red Sox and 19 vs. NYY.

    A lot of Rays mentions in the article.

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    But would money allow that to happen? MLB and ESPN would flinch at losing any of those 19 games. Sternberg would flinch at losing any of those prime games in which the Boston and New York fans actually fill the stadium. I doubt Sun Sports would like the prospect of more late night visits to Oakland or Anaheim. Then there's the whole prospect of not being able to feed off the Orioles and Jays as much. I mean, the guy has a point but I don't know if the almighty dollar and its faithful followers would allow something so radical to happen.

    And if it comes at the price of sacrificing any of the fat checks these lower teams get from the Yankees and Sox, it'll be shot down. I could see the Rays taken out of the AL East before the Yankees and Red Sox are split up.


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      That would destroy way too much tradition and I agree as much as we hate them the Boston and New York fans bring a lot of attendance.

      There's a much simpler and obvious fix that it's maddening that such radical changes are being considered first.