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2010 World Cup

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  • 2010 World Cup

    Seems far off, but it's so close. Qualification is heating up.

    USA down to El Salvador 2-nil currently. Seriously .. what the hell? The last time El Salvador has even scored on the US was in 1997.

    Bradley has to be fuming.

    Scratch that, Altidore scores. Pretty stuff.

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    Tie game at 2-2 the final. Nice to salvage a point (and nearly outright steal the win in the final seconds), but it shouldn't have gotten to that. Oh well, as long as they keep getting points out of road games the rest of the way they should be fine.

    Maradona passes his first truly graded coaching test with Argentina's 4-0 thrashing of Venezuela, but it's Venezuela. A victory margin of less than that against Chavez's boys would have been a demerit off the bat.


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      I saw from the 54th minute onward .. and I'll say one thing - Beasley looked terrible. He looked completely withdrawn .. at one point it looked like he was a left back.

      Also, why did seemingly no one want to give Donovan the ball?


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        LOL can we end the Maradona experiment now? Losing 6-1 to Bolivia is an April Fool's joke... I wish. You can NOT blame that on the altitude.

        I can't stomach another embarassment tonight so I hope USA has its act together against TnT.


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          Well taking a cue from his last game they are explicitly making Beasley a left back tonight. I dunno about that.. o_O


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            LOL. I said, out loud even!, that it looked like Beasley was a left back against El Salvador.

            He's too small for that position. I don't like it. They might get away with it against T&T, but against stiffer competition he'll be destroyed.


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              Tim Howard almost pulled a Kasey Keller there..


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                Jozy!!!! 2nd goal in two matches!

                They're getting Donovan plenty of touches tonight. Interesting because he usually doesn't do as well out wide.


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                  What a goal! Great flick on from Ching and Donovan did well to blast that cross in. Almost a little too harsh of a cross but Altidore looks to have a good touch.


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                    Excellent ball movement. Crisp passes. They look like a machine out there right now.

                    Conversely, T&T looks absolutely awful.
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                      I love the pressure we're constantly putting on them. They're coughing up the ball a lot..


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                        What the hell. Jozy almost had a carbon copy of his first goal. How did that not go in?

                        Oh man Beasley with a great header opportunity. Solid save by the goalkeeper.


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                          Good first half. Got a little sloppy at the end, they were trying to be a little too fancy .. but still a very good performance after an iffy game in El Salvador.

                          Looks like putting Donovan in the midfield is working. He's all over the ball tonight, and giving good feeds to Altidore and Ching. Beasley looks better, but I wonder if Spector won't come in a little later.


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                            I understand Dempsey's doing alright in Fulham, but I haven't seen him bring anything to the Nats for a while now.. He keeps taking those low percentage shots instead of looking to make a play. Just not seeing much awareness of his teammates out there.

                            TnT looks a lot more settled down now. Need some cushion because Stern John could easily equalize with the right opening.
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                              Altidore has a brace! Great finish. Wow. He's only 19. This kid is good.

                              Another feed from Donovan.