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US Open--Gary Woodland

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  • US Open--Gary Woodland

    Great win for this really good guy. He was 0 for 7 when leading any tournament after 54 holes. Several of the shots he hit in his final round are historically worthy. Fending off Brook Koepka, who birdied 4 of his first 6 holes..

    But, in my mind, as heroic as the effort was to win the US Open, check out what he participated in, totally unscripted or staged, at the WM tournament in Phoenix. I didn't know about this video until this week- a testament to his lack of self promotion.

    Get out a tissue boys..
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    I viewed the video on the Saturday coverage. I became a big fan of his immediately. Was rooting for him all the way after that.


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      Very cool. Young lady has skills.
      I’m a senior. As are Donnie, Puckhead, and JB.

      Who knew?