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  • Originally posted by Donnie D View Post
    I’ll stop. But to summarize.

    The Rays ownership past and present has been a shit show. (I think we agree)
    The Rays have been incredibly successful on the playing field (The facts bear this out)
    The recent trades including trading a former Cy Young winner to save money is not a way to build a fan base. (I think we agree again)
    The team has not been supported by the local fans (attendance bears this out)
    The ownerships missteps contributed to this lack of support (to what extent is debatable)
    The economic system in baseball with its lack of a salary cap puts all small market teams at an economic disadvantage (see the results throughout the league)
    The Tampa area consists of a large percentage of transplants who retain their allegiance to their former “home town” teams (Do you really dispute this?)
    The large number of transplants prevent all Tampa sports teams from receiving the undying loyalty that exists in other similarly sized communities for their teams.
    Where we disagree is that I recognize the fact that ownership has been able to be successful as a small market team despite the inherent economic disadvantages of being located in a small market. You want them to spend more.

    So you've chosen to die on this hill Donnie

    Last year, the Rays made 68 million profit, good for 8th in all of baseball and almost in the top 5. Their payroll last year was 28 million dollars. Let's compare that to some other teams. The Mets made 7 million with a 132 million dollar payroll, the Yankees made 35 million with a 160 million dollar payroll, the Paderes made 52 million with a 150 million dollar payroll, the Angels made 61 million with a 152 million dollar payroll.

    The Rays could have kept Snell and Morton and out profited the Yankees last year. Tell me more about how it's the economic disadvantages of being a small market team which is forcing us to jettison core players after heading to the WS.
    If no government system will guarantee a utopia, then our best choice is to look for the least exploitive one


    • Originally posted by Donnie D View Post
      They had competing arenas. Davidson owned the Palace of Auburn Hills. Ilitch operated the Joe Louis Arena. They were in direct competition for events. By having Tampa and the Palace, Davidson was able to negotiate concerts in both venues giving him an advantage over the Joe. I think they also fought over Davidson's desire to have one arena with both tenants, but I don't know that for sure.

      I always felt the acquisition of the arena in Tampa was Davidsons motive in purchasing the Lightning. I used to say Davidson wanted to buy the Ice Palace, the hockey team just came with it. I never felt he had any interest in the team, but was grateful that he made the team a winner despite having no financial motive for doing so. I was corrected by both people who said that he didn't spend money on the Lightning out of the goodness of his heart. He hated Ilitch and wanted to beat him at his own sport. The reason he was willing to lose money on the Lightning was his deep hatred for Ilitch. When I asked then why he was selling, the comment was "He accomplished what he set out to do."

      I have no first hand knowledge, so dismiss it if you like. But I trust my friend. He was the one who told me that Leiweike was leaving the lightning to become NFL president 3 weeks before the announcement. He knew because Leiweike called him looking for housing in New York. That turned out to be accurate.
      I see, that makes sense if they negotiate that way, although it seems like very expensive leverage if they aren't sold on everything about the purchase. Davidson definitely made bank by having events at the Palace, I'm sure that was the primary motivation to buying the team.
      If no government system will guarantee a utopia, then our best choice is to look for the least exploitive one