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Declan Carlile Reportedly Signs.

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  • Declan Carlile Reportedly Signs.

    Peter Fish is reporting that the Lightning Have signed 21 y/o undrafted free agent LD Declan Carlile to 2 yr Entry Level Deal:

    He’s a 6’2” junior from Merrimack College who is a Hobby Baker nominee. Elite Prospects said Carlile is a stalwart rush defender, who meticulously makes smart reads, and executes on great decision-making. His ability to time defensive actions with his stick and his body stood out to our scouting team. He grabs his man and has some ability to switch his assignment decisively. He has an active stick and tries to clog lanes by attempting to block shots.

    24P in 35 NCAA GP

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    Just wish he shot right
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      The left side actually looks weaker at the AHL level next season than the right side. Assuming Nick Perbix signs, they will have Perbix and Jack Thompson in Syracuse to start next season. You could make a legitimate argument that Thompson and Perbix are our two top prospects right now.