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    I have been watching some college hockey games this season, and a few of the games have featured St. Cloud State and our defensive prospect Nick Perbix (6th round pick in 2017) who is now in his junior year. This kid is extremely impressive and is basically the prototype for what teams are looking for in new age defensemen. He has the size (6'4" 205lbs), mobility and puck skills to really be a possible NHL player in a couple years. He currently has 12 point (4goals) in 10 games this season which is good enough to be the top scoring defenseman in college hockey at this point. I would guess he is likely to get an ELC following this season.

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    Awesome. Wasn’t he drafted with Sammy Walker? Great eye for long-term development. And so needed. It’s funny (not to other teams) how successful we are with late-round picks.
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      Well, in fairness, we're also disproportionately bad with early round picks right now so it balances out.
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        Sure sounds like he is really improving.