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Lightning vs. Avalanche - Game 3 - 6/20 8PM ET

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    Yeah, been noticing a lot of these stick checks with downward strokes on the body since the beginning of the season. To avoid a slash, hook, or cross check penalty, they instead kind of "wipe" the stick down the guy's body to distract or shove him off balance. That weird check on Kuch was atypical though, that's for sure. Hope he can play in the absolute must-win Game 4, since going down 3-1 to this team is simply not an option.


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      Originally posted by nutznboltz View Post
      Cogliano sucker punched Sergachev in a scrum near the Av's bench, that's not the hockey player code.
      I couldn't tell who it was that was saying it, but I think I heard somebody saying that 'they were trying to bite me' after that altercation.


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        Cogliano has been out, so' his short fuse is very fresh. Thing about short guys with short fuses, unless you're cut from Domi cloth, you can get in real trouble.
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