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Lightning at Avalanche - Game 1 - 6/15 8PM ET

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  • Lightning at Avalanche - Game 1 - 6/15 8PM ET

    Maybe we can catch the Avs in their rusty phase and get that needed road win in Game 1!

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    Brayden point is back!

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      Both Boomer and Hahn on SIrius NHL pick the Bolts; Boomer in 7 and Hahn in 6. Both said that Bolts can negate overall AVS speed, and Vasi will be a difference maker compared to Kuemper/Francoez
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          On one hand it was great to see us take that game to overtime after the bad start. On the other, it hurts to squander a chance to steal one from them at home. Anyway, they didn't run us out of the building, so let's have a good start to the next game and see what happens.


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            Another slow series start. Puck management again poor and again penalties put the Lightning on their heels. They can clean up these errors. Need more rubber on Kuemper.
            PP has to produce.


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              A shame. We really should've stolen that one. Vasi's bad first period and that garbage 5 on 3 call really put us behind the eight ball though. Our PP had a look here or there but was a bit sloppy. Colorado didn't really look rusty at all so hopefully they have less room to improve than we do.


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                The non-call on the Palat trip in the 3rd had me fuming. They called that same play against TB earlier. If they're going to swallow the whistle then it needs to be swallowed for the whole game.


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                  Playoff Success = special teams + goaltending

                  Avalanche had the edge there

                  Yet we STILL almost won - definitely played well enough to - a goalpost here, a Colton shot a quarter-inch high there

                  Both NHLN analysts on the pregame show picked the Lightning to win Game 1 - love that

                  Since The Debacle of 2019 Vasi is an astounding 18-1 in games following a playoff loss

                  Not worried in the slightest - Bolts are going to threepeat
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                    Colorado has the talent to give reason for worry. I'm not doubting the Lightning's chances, but this is the best team we've faced in a final, including the Chicago team that beat us. They may get a boost if Kadri can come back.

                    The most encouraging thing I took out of last night is Kuemper looked very beatable. But Colorado doubled our scoring chances and that's a lot to put on Vasy each game. The rest of the team has to be better and somehow adjust to colorado's speed at the forward and back end.
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