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Lightning at Hurricanes, 2/22 7 PM ET

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  • Lightning at Hurricanes, 2/22 7 PM ET


    Please score some goals this time, thanks.

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    TJ hat trick incoming.
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      Same line up. Footer out ABB watching...guess he's going to give them a shot to redeem themselves. Need to show up tonight!!!


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        Had that wrong. ABB in line up?


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          Man, Carolina is some grabbin bitches. They’ve got good skill, size and speed, but their style is more than just all-out effort, puck hounding and heavy forecheck. They get away with a lot of little grabby shit. Fuck them.

          And meanwhile that call on Hedman for “holding” was egregiously putrid and led to the Canes 2nd goal. Awful call.

          Razz Barre-Boulet looked solid. Definitely brings to mind Gourde, but its one game. Still, I’d hand him a spot in the lineup if it just meant getting Johnson the fuck outta there. I don’t mean to pile on the useless bastard, but holy shit, every time he’s got a chance offensively or defensively the guy whiffs. Literally. One time late in the third in front of Vasiy, he sticked the puck TOWARD the goal from a scrum out in front. I thought maybe he’s playing for the wrong team for a second. ... I know Schmitzy called the hatter and I’m not really actually saying TJ is completely washed up, but good lord it’s been a stunning nosedive for someone who once showed so much skill and awareness. Those attributes are nearly gone, and every time I watch I can’t help but notice the empty shell of a hockey player wearing No. 9. Ouch.
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            He sucked. Big discussion on discord over who has the most incentive to dump to Seattle, McD or TJ
            If no government system will guarantee a utopia, then our best choice is to look for the least exploitive one


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              I honestly have a tough time justifying TJ being in over Smith at this point. He really is like a black hole. Joseph was so good, then gets stuck on his line, and BAM, guy can't get anything in the net. Stamkos with a goal...... on the powerplay without TJ.

              I will say I'm glad Cooper decided to really mix things up, and I'm glad he was rewarded for it. I will say I find it very dumb going with Schenn against a team this fast, and even dumber when you are only playing him like 6 minutes. Might as well give 6 minutes to Foote and let him get a chance against a speed team (and heck, I like Schenn). I thought he did a great job with ABB and I was very skeptical of what he would do. Thought 12 minutes is right about perfect for him, and giving him the line with Gourde and Killorn meant he wasn't being put into just 4th line duties. And if Killorn dropped to this TOI, I think I would be much easier on him than I am when he is leading the forwards in TOI.


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                Might've been the most exciting game of the season so far given most of the other wins were curbstomps. Finally got a taste of a hard fought win against a good team. We'll see if that gets the juices flowing.

                I like ABB so far. Seen enough of TJ but unfortunately he's not going anywhere.