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Jon Cooper extended 3 years

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  • Jon Cooper extended 3 years

    Obviously was going to happen but great to have that lined up before the season starts.

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      Should have given him $18 million total for the memes. This is why I am not cut out to be a businessman.


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        Originally posted by Jon Cooper
        To be honest, in this organization (contract talks) never really become an issue. It's kinda like that family atmosphere, and lots of open lines of communication before anything happens. This was talked about probably 4 days after we hoisted the cup, and so we got into the itty-gritty part when we started to come to training camp. But for me the whole thing was to make sure, it wasn't about my contract, but making sure the whole staff, and we're all in this together. So I didn't want any of this to be announced and be done until everyone was looked after, and it looks like that's happened. I'm just excited to be apart of this organization for a few more years and just continue to build on the standard we've set. It's the greatest place to work. I think enough's been said about Jeff Vinik and how fabulous he is, and the relationship Julien and I have had for a number of years now. Tampa's my home. So it's great to be back.
        Head Coach Jon Cooper spoke to the media following Monday's practice at Amalie Arena.


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          Nice job Coop, well deserved. Hope the assistant coaches get extensions too. Nice job Franzy, Newsy, Halpy, Nige, Gar, Zets!
          Every game starts 5 on 5.