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    I do this each year mainly so I know where to find the information. If there are any corrections, please feel free to let me know.

    7/8 - Buyout period number 1 begins
    7/13 - Deadline for teams to ask players with NMCs to waive their status for the expansion draft
    7/16 - Deadline for players to waive their NMC for the expansion draft
    7/16 - Deadline for teams to be placed on waivers before the expansion draft
    7/17 - Trade freeze prior to the expansion draft begins at 3:00 pm
    7/17 - Deadline for teams to submit their protected player list to NHL at 5:00 pm
    7/18 - Protected player lists provided to all teams at 10:00 am
    7/18 - The supposedly secret Protected player lists made public by NHL insiders at 10:01 am
    7/21 - Seattle expansion draft choices made live at 8:00 pm on ESPN 2
    7/22 - Trade freeze ends at 1:00 pm
    7/23 - First round of NHL draft begins at 8:00 pm on ESPN 2
    7/24 - Remainder of NHL draft begins at 11:00 am on NHL Network
    7/26 - Deadline to submit qualifying offers to RFAs
    7/27 - 1st Buyout period ends at 5:00
    7/28 - Free Agency signing period begins at noon
    8/15 - Unrestricted free agency period begins for unsigned and graduated NCAA players

    There will be a second buyout period for teams that lost arbitration cases to enable them to become cap compliant.
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