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Lightning 2021 Offseason

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  • Corey Perry Looking For That Cup Magic With the Lightning


    • Marquis game October 23 Colorado at Tampa Bay.


      • Ben Thomas is going to Sweden.


        • Prospect tournament ended today and Lightning won all 3 games. They certainly had the best group and they scored 3 goals in first period today on Spencer Knight. Miftakhov looked better than Alnefelt who reportedly out with illness on Saturday. Green and Thompson on D looked good but Semykin has a long way to go. Avery Winslow, the kid from Clearwater looked good as well. Forwards all very similar…good skaters, quick feet, puck hounds and a few good shooters. Finley is big and was steady. Ryfors, Cajkovic and Goncalves all looked good. Declan McDonnell and Xavier Cormier impressed but not Fortier.


          • Some of my observations:

            Ryfors: Had a really good first game and you can tell that he has a good release on his shots. Not afraid to go to the dirty areas and seemed to be decent defensively. Wasn't as noticeable today.

            Cajkovic: I thought he was our best forward across the tournament. Really dangerous in the offensive zone and might have the highest ceiling of our forward prospects. He did have a couple bad turnovers, but his defensive game wasn't bad.

            Finley: I thought he was just solid. Didn't really stand out, but he did use his size well and seemed to do a good job in the faceoff dot. Not sure about his offensive ceiling, but I would be surprised if he's not a bottom six defensive center at some point.

            Goncalves: I expected a little more offensively, but he did everything else really well.

            Fortier: Kind of disappointing. He had some chances but didn't bury them, and was pretty unnoticeable. You expect a bit more from someone with some AHL experience.

            Lipanov: Was really good in game two, but pretty unnoticeable in games one and three.

            Morand: Solid in his two games. He's a defensive player/pest and he played that role well.

            Huntington: Plays with a good amount of jam, but I'm not sure his offensive game will ever get him beyond the AHL.

            Dureau: I though he was really good and always seemed to be making something good happen when he was on the ice. Really good defensively and on the PK.

            Cormier: Late invitee, but he made the most of his two games. Has a nice shot and put himself in good scoring spots. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets an AHL deal out of it.

            McDonnell- MacDonald - Element: I'm going to put these three guys together because they played on the same line all three games. They were in my opinion the most consistent line and were like a prospect version of the Gourde line. All three were really good defensively and were really physical. It's easy to see what they saw in Element to offer him an AHL deal. He was always in the right spot positionally and was making smart plays all tournament.

            Green: I thought he was the best defenseman which makes sense given his experience. A good positional defenseman.

            Thompson: Great offensive instincts. Still needs some work on the defensive aspects of his game.

            Semykin: Has improved his skating a bit, but is a long way off from being close to NHL level.

            Schmidt: Wasn't all that noticeable outside his scrap he had today against one of the tougher guys from the WHL. Skating wasn't bad for his age and size and he was decently physical. Still needs to work on all the other stuff.

            Winslow: Decent offensive skill and looked solid running a PP.

            McLeod: Played in all three games and was pretty solid defensively. Might be a candidate for a AHL deal.

            Jones: He looked solid in his games and is already on a AHL deal.

            Alnefelt: He really struggled today of some shots that he should of had. Maybe he's still under the weather, but it wasn't a great showing.

            Miftakhov: Really solid in the game action he got. Most goals allowed were pretty unstoppable and he seems to move and track really well.


            • Breezy signs extension per LeBrun


              • ABB claimed off waivers by Seattle. Cue the lamentations.


                • Well we kinda knew that was going to happen. I feel like in terms of immediate impact he is probably more useful than Raddysh but I would have kept Raddysh as well, the ABB scoring line experiment just was not worth it
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                  • I'm disappointed to lose ABB, but he didn't wow me and I thought he was a little slower then I was thinking he would be. He needed to have more impact to stay IMO...


                    • Looks like Perry will play with Stamkos and Colton and Raddysh will play on the 4th line.


                      • Huh, would’ve figured Katchouk for a better fit on the 4th line. But I’m sure they’ll sprinkle those rooks into the lineup liberally throughout the season as a way to keep the older guys fresh if nothing else. Hopefully one or both of them surprise and catch on this year. Would be a bonus to get another young buck from the pipeline.

                        Any of those three on the fringe of the roster would’ve been claimed by the Krak. I’m sure Francis was planning on it when we signed Perry and Pebbles. ABB is too good for the AHL. He’s a ppg player down there. I don’t know why we didn’t see more skill when he was up here with the big club, but we didn’t and now he’s gone. Maybe he’ll turn into nothing. Maybe he’ll be another Marchesseault or Verhaege. Who cares. I was literally only hoping he’d sneak through waivers so that Somppi would have a top-notch winger in Syracuse.
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                        • Kind of wonder why they didn't keep him around and waive Gemel Smith but it wasn't realistic to keep that many forwards on the roster long term anyway so it would just be pushing the decision down the road. Clearly coaching staff saw enough to make a judgement on his fit and for me they have earned the benefit of the doubt on roster decisions.


                          • Originally posted by Iceman View Post
                            Kind of wonder why they didn't keep him around and waive Gemel Smith but it wasn't realistic to keep that many forwards on the roster long term anyway so it would just be pushing the decision down the road. Clearly coaching staff saw enough to make a judgement on his fit and for me they have earned the benefit of the doubt on roster decisions.
                            I could be wrong about Gemel Smith, but I don’t think think you’re allowed to waive someone on SOIR. He has to be cleared to play in order to be waived/sent to Syracuse. Didn’t we have a similar situation with Matt Taormina a few years back. Barre Boulet assisted on Seattle’s GWG yesterday, so good for him!


                            • Saturday, October 23 vs. Colorado Avalanche
                              Saturday, November 13 vs. Florida Panthers
                              Saturday, November 20 vs. New Jersey Devils
                              Saturday, January 8 vs. Boston Bruins
                              Saturday, January 15 vs. Dallas Stars
                              Saturday, January 29 vs. Vegas Golden Knights
                              Saturday, April 2 vs. Montreal Canadiens
                              Saturday, April 16 vs. Winnipeg Jets
                              Bolts to wear their black third jerseys eight times this season


                              • ABB has been placed on waivers by the Kraken


                                If the Lightning are the only team to claim him, he can be sent back to Syracuse...