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  • Lightning 2021 Playoffs

    Stamkos and Kucherov in tonight! Goodrow might miss this series

    Panthers are also missing a couple of guys, Bennett and Hornqvist will likely miss tonight

    Let's Go Bolts!
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    Time to curb stomp these pretenders.

    I think Cernak, Palat and Point are going to have monster games.
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      I hope we are on track for this one. Plus I am considering muting the NBCSN announcers if they are as bad as last year.


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        Sold D and limit penalties.


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          Getting half a dozen members of the Cup team from last year back from injury will be huge

          Cannot wait for this series to start


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            Just worried about rust. Will be amazing if we come out hitting everything that moves...Vasy can win any game if we give him a tad of support. GO BOLTS!!!


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              C’mon Bolts take care of the puck and no stupid passes, get your minds in the game and don’t let these jerks hold you when the refs aren’t looking. Stupid refs how about giving us a couple of PP’s


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                I muted the NBCSN announcers they are just panturd homers…let them eat their rats.


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                  Twitter losing their shit after Kucherov goals. Everyone is a rules and salary cap expert, now.


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                    There is a lot to say about that game, but for now I think the only thing to say is holy shit


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                      That third period was literally the “call the ambulance… but not for me” meme


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                        The offense looked amazing. Just need to cut down on the idiotic turnovers and the Turds have nothing. Important thing is we got the W though.


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                          We cut down on awful turnovers and horrifying coverage mistakes and we win that game by at least 2 goals. We convert a couple of shots that were thisclose and we win 7-2.

                          But I give credit to the FLA players. They are a handful. Q is a good coach and he maximizes their skill to pressure our D. But the rest of their strategy is ripe for failure. They’ve got a buncha goons on the lower lines like Lomberg (what a face in need of punching!), Acciari, Marchment’s son, etc. That shit is gonna get them bounced quicker than a golf ball off the green considering how lethal our power play looks. I feel like Cooper’s approach to those last 2 regular games was calculated and brilliant — win and get home ice or lose but set a tone that these playoff newbies will find irresistible. They’ve taken the cheese, the hook is now in.

                          I will not give credit to the boisterous 50% capacity crowd, which you may have noticed was full of bandwagoners wearing old jerseys from 1996 — the last time they won a playoff series. Holy shit, did I see some idiots in the crowd. Someone threw a plastic rat after their PP goal was waved off (correctly) … then a cluster of fans who appeared to be watching their first live game ever stood for Coleman’s breakaway shorty as if they had no idea what was going on. You’re losing! That’s what.

                          The rest of the hockey world losing their damn minds over Kucherov is just icing on the cake. Yeah, we circumvented the cap. We have a badass owner and GM in case you haven’t noticed yet. This is how you win back-to-back Cups, ya buncha sour grape sore losers.

                          ps - The Lightning have not broken a single NHL cap rule. So suck on that.

                          pps - For the love of god, Jon Cooper, please take out Jan Rutta.
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                            That was mentally draining. Too many times TB was being lackadaisical which was driving me nuts. The defense thankfully eventually woke up but early it was laughable. Vasi looks slow and out of practice. It would help if they cleared his front porch so he could see more shots. Kucherov, wow, welcome back, and Stammer too. Kudos to Stammer for laying a big check towards the end of the game. For sure his teammates will remember that.

                            The refs sucked, what a surprise. They missed quite a few obvious ones both ways and what constituted a penalty varied from minute-to-minute. Biggest laugher for me was the Interference call against Palat for... skating over to a FLA player that was already down due to previous contact. I though the early Slashing call on Killorn was a laugher too. it looked like a run-of-the-mill defensive play to me.

                            FLA must be feeling a little queasy after the game; they threw just about the best they had against TB and TB gave them a B game and pulled off the win after it looked like the gave it away again at the start of the 3rd. I expect a tighter more focused game out of TB in game 2 and I'm sure Cooper does too.
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                              Originally posted by Bolthed View Post
                              I will not give credit to the boisterous 50% capacity crowd,
                              Under 10,000 is regular attendance there before Covid, so...

                              Originally posted by Bolthed View Post
                              The rest of the hockey world losing their damn minds over Kucherov is just icing on the cake. Yeah, we circumvented the cap.
                              TB got burnt by CHI years ago due to this exploit.