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    Originally posted by Flycoon View Post

    Jack Brickhouse, Cub broadcaster well before your time, fits the ultimate homer broadcaster profile. I was a Cub fan until the ultimate choke in 1969; always turned the sound of on the super fantastic 19” television.
    Hated Jack Brickhouse even when he was a White Sox announcer. But he never saw a Chicago player that wasn't his favorite.

    One of my many favorite Brickhouse moments. "I think the Bears just scored." No wait, it wasn't a touchdown. I don't understand, I clearly saw the referee raise his arms. What? On second down they are going to kick a field goal? They are on the 2 1/2 yard line, it's second down, why would you kick a field goal? George Halas is going to have to explain why he did this after the game."

    Irv Kupcinet: "Dats right Jack."

    Hey Hey. It's a beautiful day, let's play 3.
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      Originally posted by dannybolt View Post

      If I could change the subject:
      I cannot believe Cal Foote has not become our top defensemen yet. We should probably trade him.
      That's a screamer Danny...... Hey, I'm just happy that he is getting a bit of ice time. The more that he can get now the better off we will be come the playoffs. We need to groom him and let his play develop over the course of the season. He has some skills and that shot is really a good one. Maybe as the season goes on he can get a bit of time on the back end with the PP that would help his case. Building some confidence for "D" is critical and nothing like potting a couple of goals and/or assist on the PP would go a long way towards doing that in today's NHL.

      The journey starts


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        FYI Randorf let go by both TSN and Rogers SoortsNet. He has done a lot of the CFL in past.


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          Adding another critique to Randorf. Last night I literally could not tell the difference between when the Bolts scored and when the Wings scored, it somehow has gotten worse from when he first arrived. Some of you want to hate on Mishkin but the one thing you cannot deny is that when the Bolts score, there is no doubt, it's the first thing we find out before we are even explained to what happened. He's giving Ben Stein a run for his money in terms for monotone-ality
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            How did everyone like the Johnny B call for Bernier?


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                Ironically it seems like this year Mishkin is a lot less over the top than he has been. It’s like he’s dialing it down so he can make a bid for TV.


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                  So I just started laughing. I just saw a highlight from kucherovs first goal on his first shift. The Peckham call:

                  "There's a shot, they SCOREEE!!! The youngster Dimitri Kucherov scoring his first NHL goal."